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Pre-encoded RFID Labels


The What, How, & Why

Our MPI Service Bureau staff is on the cutting edge when it comes to RFID labels. Their expertise in tag capabilities keep customers coming back again and again. They are a technical resource for compliance needs and make continual investment in emerging technology.

What We Do

Print & Encoded RFID Labels

We print and encode using both HF and UHF frequency tags. Choices for labels include RFID blanks or pre-printed labels. We also provide custom sizes, colors, die cuts, material, and adhesives. Barcode and other variable information can be printed on the label including QR barcodes. We can imprint the front and back of tag data.

Order Sizes
Low quantity – 500 to 1,000 labels
Large orders – thousands to millions

We provide a Certificate of Compliance for DoD and EPC (Wal-Mart, medical etc.) upon request.

Data Management
Manage start and stop points
We provide custom data encoding that software cannot do (subsets of Gen 2).
Electronic versions of the information that was encoded in the tags can be provided.

Contract Packaging
Special packaging available
We can apply RFID labels to the actual products

How We Do It

Multiple Thermal & Laser Printers

Our RFID service bureau is able to keep up with the demand with our fleet of 20 thermal and laser printers. The majority of them are RFID enabled printers.

Our various models of printers give us the ability to cut, or encode on pitch.

Our pre-encoded labels can be in rolls, fanfolded, sheeted, or stacked. Laser printing provides labels on sheets.

Our labels are inspected and we replace all tags that are found to be defective.
We verify the RFID encoded data.
Barcode are scanned for readability.

Inventory Programs
We accept blanket purchase orders and can ship at specified dates or as needed.

We provide 48 to 72 hour turn on stock products
Drop shipped to multiple locations (satellite plants and sub-assemblers)

Why We Do It

Our thermal service bureau prints and encodes RFID labels for those who do not want to do their own labels.

Benefits of choosing pre-encoded labels

  • Free up cash flow
  • Minimal inventories
  • Reduce obsolete and waste labels
  • Limit on additional staff and training
  • Minimize capital requirements (hardware)
  • Reduce cost associated with learning curve
  • Back up resource for seasonal demands or promotions

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