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Fresh & Frozen Food Bagging Applications


A wide range of film types offer a variety of barrier properties for food preservation and storage. High clarity food packing films display food attractively. Other films feature resistance to cold, superior durability, or waterproof/greaseproof packaging. Most are available in Autobag® or SidePouch® pre-opened poly bags with a variety of features such as easy open perforations, resealable flaps or reclosable zippers.

  • Bag packaging benefits: High quality display and preservation of fresh and frozen food items in a range of poly bag materials, colors, and special bag features.

Material Data Sheets

CBAR - Co-extruded, High Barrier, Clear
CEV – Clear LDPE with EVA Additive for Pliability in Extreme Cold
CLE – Clear LDPE
COOK - High Strength Nylon Co-extruded Cook-in Film
CWDC – DuraClear 2000™ Clear/White Combination LLDPE
CWT, CBLK, CLGY – LDPE in Clear, White, Black and Gray Combination Colors
DC2 – DuraClear 2000™ Clear LLDPE
DC21– DuraClear 2000™ SpecGrade™ Clear LLDPE
ECLE - Biodegradable* Clear LDPE
EWHT, ECWT, EGCL - Biodegradable white, clear/white and green tint
EDC2 - Biodegradable DuraClear™ 2000 enhanced
EWDC, ECWD, EGDC - Biodegradable DuraClear™ 2000 enhanced white, clear/white and green film
FASC– 3-layer, High Oxygen Transmission
ICE1– Frozen Environment Film
NYLN LifeX™ – 5-layer, Tear-resistant, Clear Nylon
PEPE - Laminate Low Density Polyethylene
PEWP - Laminate White Low Density Polyethylene
PLC1 – PolyClean™ Clear HDPE
PPRF – High Clarity Polypropylene Retail Film
WDC2– DuraClear 2000™ White Opaque LLDPE
WHT – White Opaque LDPE

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