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AutoLabel™ PI 412cw Prism™ Imprinter


Capable of printing at speeds up to 12" per second on two-sides of the bag, this programmable thermal transfer printer has been engineered to meet the latest, industry-specific printing requirements.

The PI 412cw Prism Imprinter is designed to provide flexible printing and packaging options, and can be configured for two-sided bag package printing, two-color printing on one side of the bag, or as a stand-alone imprinter. When used in conjunction with the Autobag® AB 180™ bagging system, product identification labels utilizing bar codes, text and graphics can be easily applied to individual packages in a simple Print-n-Pack™ operation.

The AutoLabel PI 412cw Prism is capable of printing virtually all bar codes available today, including 2D bar codes and UPS MaxiCode. Label changes are fast and easy by simply accessing pre-stored label designs, or through database download with a PC connection. A large capacity, on-board memory stores job data for rapid package changeovers and maximum system uptime.

The PI 412cw Prism uses system-matched AutoLabel Thermal Transfer Ribbon for optimum printing quality.

User Benefits

  • Quick to set-up, easy to operate, reliable and fast
  • Three system configurations available for flexibility: Front and back inline, side by side inline, or stand-alone
  • High resolution printing for clarity and high impact
  • Eliminates the need for a separate labeling operation
  • Increased print speeds up to 12” per second with the 203 dpi printhead and up to 8” per second on the 300 dpi printhead
  • Large memory for label and font storage
  • Autobag Print-n-Pack systems are designed to interface with AutoLabel Design Software or existing customer software for maximum flexibility
  • Supports over 40 bar codes including 2D bar codes and True-type fonts
  • Wide carriage design can also be used with the Autobag AB 255™ Wide Bagger and configured for SidePouch SPrint® Bagger

Typical Application

  • Automotive & appliance parts
  • Electrical & electronic
  • Plumbing & heating
  • Jewelry & novelty items
  • Disposable health care
  • Hardware & DIY
  • Fasteners & connectors
  • Hobby & craft
  • Cosmetics & beauty aids

Technical Specification

Air Feed:
Label Size:

52 lbs. (114 kg) with winder
110/220 VAC; 50/60 Hz
45 PSI (3.1 bar) clean, dry air
31 in. (79 cm)
59 in. (150 cm)  
43 in. (109 cm)  
Up to 4 in. wide x Up to 20 in. long

Technical Data Sheets and Video

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