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MPI is a leader in the RFID industry when it comes to RFID labels and tags. Our past experience of working with companies of all sizes has given us the opportunity to provide solutions for many different applications.

RFID labels are not a one kind fits all item.  To have a successful RFID system, a label is needed that will withstand the application demands.  Whether your needs are for supplier mandates for the DoD, retail chains, or you are seeking a more accurate method of tracking your products, MPI is committed to providing labels that meet your specific need. Our dynamic team helps in the qualifying process so you have the right result for your RFID application.

RFID Labels
Our labels can be ordered blank, pre-printed, or pre-encoded.

RFID label & tag stock
Our inventory of popular sizes allows us to ship labels quickly. We offer label sizes made to leading printer specifications. The most common sizes are 4" x 2" and 4" x 6".

Special RFID Labels
RFID metal tags for assets and tracking
NFC tags for mobile phone are available

Pre-encoded RFID Labels
Blank or pre-printed labels
Low quantity, compliance, data management, and inventory programs are available.

Radio Frequency
We manufacture both UHF (915 MHz) and HF (13.56 MHz) labels.

Our labels are 100% verified prior to shipment.

Finished product can be provided
Rolls, Fan folded (perf & notch), sheeted, or stacked

We help qualify
Label material, finishes, adhesives, and tags

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