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Pressure-Sensitive Labels - Stickers


Our pressure sensitive labels / stickers consist of a face stock material (paper or film), a pressure sensitive adhesive, and a release liner. The backing can be peeled off and the labels are applied permanently to another surface.

Labels can be printed up to 10 colors and 20" wide.

The following can be used with pressure sensitve labels:

Permanent, removable, and repositional, cold temp, freezer, and pattern gummed

Textured, matte, highgloss, water base, and UV

Clear & Matte overlams are used for label protection making it scratch and tear resistant.

Chromatic, fade resistant, fluorescent, glow in dark, metalic, scratch & snif, and scratch-off, water base, UV, and rotary screen

Indoors, outdoors, abrasion, direct food contact, indirect food contact, pasteurization, UV exposure, water, refrigerated, freezer, and chemical.

Since we are a custom label manufacturer, we can print most kinds of labels. If you need a specific label that is not mentioned on our website, contact one of our label specialists by calling or filling out our Contact Us form.

Pressure sensitive labels are also know as PS labels, PSL, Peel off labels, and pressure sensitive stickers.

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