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RFID windshield labels / tags can be custom made with your own logo, barcode, graphics, or information that you require.

Toll Passes
RFID tags can be affixed to vehicles for toll passes. This provides hands free activation. When the tags are read, information is entered into a database. This information can be used for managing the billing of daily, weekly, or monthly fees.

Car Dealerships
RFID is used for inventory management on vehicles. It saves on wasted time trying to locate a vehicle. This method is beneficial for both staff and customers. RFID tracking also helps in managing parking space.

Car dealers love RFID because it helps them provide personalized service to their customers when they bring their vehicle in for servicing.

Gated Communities
RFID is being used more and more in gated communities for access control where people need and expect security.

A RFID tag is issued to a vehicle. Upon entering the gate, the tag is read and information is entered into a detailed log or database.

The management of gated communities loves using RFID because it can cost less and is much easier to use than methods they have previously used.

Other uses for RFID windshield tags include:

  • Airport parking
  • Fleet management
  • University parking
  • Hospitals
  • All types of secured parking

RFID Hang Tag for Rearview Mirror
A RFID hang tag is an access control option when you do not want to place a permanent label on a windshield. These can be used for the same purpose as a windshield tag in gated communities and parking lots.

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