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AutoLabel™ UltraPrint Thermal Transfer Ribbon


Genuine AutoLabel UltraPrint Thermal Transfer Ribbon is a super premium, resin-enhanced wax thermal ribbon that is designed for optimum printing performance in specialty applications. AutoLabel UltraPrint applies high resolution graphics, text and bar codes, and is system matched for optimum performance on Autobag® Thermal Transfer Imprinters and Print-n-Pack™ systems.

UltraPrint ribbon features a unique, multi-layer construction with quick release and advanced binding properties that are ideal for overprinting on AutoGrafix™ inks. UltraPrint is also recommended for frequent scanning and handling applications, such as mailbags, due to its high resistance to scratching and abrasion. Superior density and contrast provide precision printing with excellent edge definition.

All AutoLabel Thermal Transfer Ribbons feature SPECTR™, an innovative static elimination product inside the ink that completely removes static and repels harmful contaminants that can damage print heads.

User Benefits

  • Unique, multi-layer binding and release technology for optimum overprint quality
  • Superior density, contrast and edge definition for high resolution printing of graphics, text and bar codes
  • Highly resistant to scratching and abrasions
  • SPECTR™ static elimination system protects equipment from electrostatic discharge
  • System-matched with Autobag bagging machines and poly bag materials for optimum printing performance
  • Roll sizes include 2000 ft. lengths in widths of 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5” and 4”

Typical Application

  • Shipping and address labels
  • AutoGrafix inline overprinting
  • Automated routing and material handling labeling
  • Product identification and bar code labeling for retail and industrial markets
  • Shrink wrap labeling
  • All applications requiring moderate to high abrasion resistance

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