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AutoLabel™ Ultra-V Thermal Transfer Ribbon


Genuine AutoLabel Ultra-V Thermal Transfer Ribbon prints high resolution bar codes, text and color graphics. This premium quality ribbon is system-matched for optimum performance on Autobag® Thermal Transfer Imprinters and Print-n-Pack™ systems.

Ultra-V is a specially formulated, resin-enhanced wax ribbon designed for durability and resistance to scratching, smearing, flaking and ultraviolet rays. Ultra-V is ideal for applying small characters and high quality bar codes that produce optimum scan rates. Graphic images created using the high-density Ultra-V ribbon are crisp and durable.

All AutoLabel Thermal Transfer Ribbons feature SPECTR™, an innovative static elimination product inside the ink that completely removes static and repels harmful contaminants that can damage print heads.

User Benefits

  • Superior density, high contrast and excellent edge definition for high-resolution printing of graphics, text and bar codes
  • Extremely durable - resists scratching, smearing, flaking, and damage from harmful ultraviolet rays
  • SPECTR™ static elimination protects equipment from electrostatic discharge
  • System-matched with Autobag bagging machines and poly bag materials for optimum printing performance
  • Available in a wide variety of stock and custom colors
  • Roll sizes include 2000 ft. lengths in widths of 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5” and 4"

Typical Application

  • Product identification and bar code labeling for retail and industrial markets
  • Inline graphics imprinting of logos, line art and two-color artwork using the PI 412cw Prism Imprinter
  • High-quality demand label printing
  • Shipping and address labels
  • All general purpose labeling

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