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Autobag® Linear Weigh Scale


Capable of weigh counting at speeds up to 45 batches per minute, this vibratory linear pan-feed and weigh count scale system is designed to be simple, dependable and flexible, ensuring maximum uptime and high-accuracy packaging.

When used with the Autobag AB 180™ or AB 255™ bagging systems, a bulk supply of product is driven through a series of part-separating drive pans via vibration. Initially, all flow control gates are open to allow 90-95% of the final weight to be accumulated efficiently. When this pre-set weight is achieved the gates close, allowing only a single-flow “dribble feed” into the batch until the final weight is achieved. The batch of product is then funneled to a pre-opened poly bag, sealed and dispensed while another bag is presented for loading.

Utilizing the latest technology, the Autobag Linear Weigh Scale can weigh count batches from 1 ounce to 8 pounds. The system is available in

single-head to four-head configurations based on required system speeds, with one to three pans for required separation.

Using system-matched Autobag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll offers a fast and effective automatic weigh count bag packaging solution.

User Benefits

  • Quick to set-up, easy to operate, reliable and fast
  • The combined Linear Weigh Scale & AB 255 bagger configuration has a small footprint, saving valuable floor space
  • Excellent accuracy-to-speed ratio for increased productivity
  • Available in stainless steel construction for a multitude of clean or washdown applications
  • Fully automatic, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity up to 5 times the speed of hand load
  • Built-in supply hopper, product level detection and dribble-feed combine to provide accuracy and productivity

Typical Application

  • Automotive & replacement parts
  • Electrical & electronic parts
  • Plumbing & heating parts
  • Hobby & craft pieces
  • Cosmetics & beauty aids
  • Fasteners & connectors
  • Candy, IQF chicken & seafood
  • Hardware items
  • Jewelry & novelty items
  • Disposable health care items

Technical Specification

Air Supply:

500 lbs. (227 kg) Stand Alone System
120 VAC; 60 cycle, SPH
2 CFM/60 psi of clean, dry air
52 in. (132 cm)
76 in. (193 cm)  
61 in. (155 cm)

Technical Data Sheets and Video

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