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SATO’s M10e was designed with manufacturing applications in mind. This barcode printer creates labels up to a full 11.8 inches wide at a speed of up to 5 inches per second. The 10.5-inch printhead makes it possible to print large format compliance labels at top speed without rotating the image. The M10e printer can hold media sizes up to approximately 11.8” wide x 16.6” long.

  • Chemical Labeling
  • Automotive Labeling    
  • Paper/Pulp Labeling
  • ODETTE Labeling
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Multiple-Up Labels
Model DT/TT Print Width Media Width DPI Speed Max Roll ID Core ID
M10e DT/TT 10.5" 5.16" - 11.8" 305 5  IPS 8.6" 3"



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