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Black Thermal Transfer Ribbon


Wax is most economical choice for general purpose tag and labeling applications including shipping, warehousing, retail, textile, and apparel. Choose a wax ribbon when printing on uncoated and coated paper tag and label stocks, and low end film labels like Kimdura®.

Combo is the right choice when a higher level of scratch and smear and/or mild chemical resistance is needed in labeling applications including shelf and bin labels, textile, apparel, nursery, and lumber. Premium wax/resin ribbons print well on coated paper tag and label stocks, low end films, and some polyester labels.

is for harsh environment labeling applications where resistance to extreme abrasion, heat, and/or chemicals is imperative. Applications include nursery and lumber tags, chemical drum labels, pharmaceutical and medical labeling, outdoor labeling, automotive and industrial work-in-process labeling. Super premium resin ribbons are compatible with higher end synthetic films like polyester and polyimide.

Ribbons Available for Many Printers

  • Astro-Med
  • Brady
  • Datamax
  • Easy Print
  • Intermec
  • Markem
  • Monarch
  • Novexx
  • Paxar
  • Printronix
  • Sato
  • Tec
  • Tharo
  • Toshiba
  • Zebra


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