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Barrier/Co-extruded Films


These co-extruded films are manufactured with multiple materials in multiple layers, and offer various degrees of permeability that can affect the contents inside the bag. Available in Autobag® bags-on-a-roll and SidePouch® bags-in-a-box* configurations.

  • Engineered for a variety of fresh & frozen foods, pet foods, waterproof, greaseproof, odor-resistant, and military bagging applications.
  • Poly bag packaging benefits: High strength material resists tears and punctures, and provides unique barrier properties.

Material Data Sheets

CBAR - Co-extruded, High Barrier, Clear 
FASC – 3-layer, High Oxygen Transmission
MLT1 – Co-extruded, White, Military Spec
MLT2 – Co-extruded, Clear, Military Spec
NYLN LifeX™ – 5-layer, Tear-resistant, Clear Nylon

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