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Tamper Evident Labels

Security LabelSecurity Label
Destructible LabelDestructible Label
Holographic LabelHolographic Label
Void LabelVoid Label


Tamper evident labels / stickers show visible signs of meddling, such as a revealed message or a broken seal. More companies are now focusing on tamper resistant labels for their products. Recalls are examples of the seriousness of product tampering. It has really become an issue where every industry is affected.

Below are a few of MPI's tamper-evident labels and security label constructions to consider:

Void Labels show tampering when removal is attempted by leaving a VOID pattern on the application surface.

Security Slit Labels are made with cuts on the surface of the labels to keep it from being removed. When someone attempts to remove it from a product, the label tears. We make various security slit patterns to meet your individual needs.

Destructible Film Labels break apart if removal is attempted. They cannot be removed in one piece and replaced or transferred to another product.

Holographic Labels are a mark of authenticity, of value and protection

Photochromatic Inks change color when exposed to ultraviolet (black) light.

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